[Project_owners] XUL widgets permissions mysteriously went away

Terence Kearns tk.lists at fastmail.fm
Wed Oct 19 12:48:59 EDT 2005

For my own reasons, I'm writing a XUL application using remote XUL. This
means I don't have priverlages to use XPCOM components. This also means
that I can't use widgets that call XPCOM in their XBL. Sometimes the
XPCOM isn't invoked until you use a cirtain attribute of the widget.  
The error you get is explained here:
This is the error I now find myself getting when I try to enumerate the
button XUL element object.

Earlier on in my development, I have had no problems using the button
widget in
the following form:
    label="Test Selected Candidates"
    tooltiptext="Run unit tests on each class/method."

Then for some unknown reason, permission to use it just stopped. and now
I can't seem to access ANY xul elements from my script. Which of course
means, all development has stopped. As you can imagine, I am desparate
to solve this issue so I can resume work.

Unfortunately, I can't remember everything I did in between the time it
was working and the time it stopped working. I changed some caching
settings in the browser. I changed the way a tree was being populated
from a remote RDF source and a few other minor(?) things. I have no idea
what might have caused this.

Can someone offer some hints as to why such a thing could happen?

My initial post has more code details:

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