[Project_owners] Re: Iframe Content to Text

Nathaniel Jayme nbjayme at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 20:57:21 EDT 2005

--- Michael Vincent van Rantwijk
<mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com> wrote:

> What is Iframefoo (HTMLFrameElement)?
> Michael

Hello Michael,

I load a remote xml document into IFramefoo. 
Iframefoo is a Xul Element.  

No problem accessing the contents if it's HTML (or
text/plain equivalent)  but I'm stuck if it's a XML


Here's a background of the problem:

I have a customize XML Web Services via PHP.  Now, I
want to upload a file without affecting the current
content in the browser.  The only solution I have from
the net is using an iframe and set that as the form's
target.  It's working fine.  

Now I want to get the reply sent by my Remote Web
Service inside the iframe.  

* I want to get the DOM equivalent accomplieshed via

* I want to get the text equivalent too
   (i'm stuck here.)

Basically, it started because I can't find no other
means of uploading a file in the background via
XMLHttpRequest or AJAX specs except a combination of
html form and iframe.

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