[Project_owners] Re: SeaMonkey ghost/garbage images

Jamie Bliss astronouth7303 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 22:07:13 EDT 2005

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk wrote:
> I don't know what is going on with SeaMonkey but I'm having some serious 
> troubles with it and was wondering if anyone else has seen this problem 
> (see screen dump).
> The inner part of that window was white but it has been replaced after I 
> started Capture It, just for the record ;)
> Note that I don't have this problem when I use Mozilla 1.7.12 or Mozilla 
> Firefox, SeaMonkey only, and it is not 100% reproducible, so now what?
> Michael

Looks like Gecko isn't calling the GDI functions to repaint the window. 
That can mean several things:
- It's got a lot of stuff to process and will/may get to repainting 
- It's not getting the proc time it needs (non-responsive)
- Are you running a hyperthreading/multi-proc system? I know Firefox has 
  freeze issues when it's running on more than one virtual proc.
- The native code has a bug (unlikely, since this would likely break 
_all_ XUL)
- Windows is screwed up (also unlikely, since it would be more than 
- Something else I didn't think of. ;)

-- Jamie
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