[Project_owners] Public mailing list archives

Andrew Archer AndrewArcher at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 18 02:39:33 EDT 2005

Can't the email address be striped from new posts.  It's been a while 
since I look at the mail list admin page but if remember correctly 
there's an option that would do this.  You may as well leave the 
archives along the email addresses in there have mostly likely have been 
harvested by now.

Alternative solution is move to forum this would fix the problem of 
address harvesting.  As solutions go this is like using a sledgehammer 
to crack a nut but if you want nuts cracked a sledgehammer will do the 
job :-)

David Boswell wrote, On 17/10/2005 8:53 PM:
> I understand this can be frustrating for project owners and we don't
> want your users to be mad at you.  
It goes with the job.  Users are never happy their always complaining :-)
> If anyone has any thoughts about this, feel free to reply.

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