[Project_owners] Extension test for TB beta

Oren Nachman oren at nachmore.com
Mon Oct 17 11:36:54 EDT 2005


does the trick for me...  seems to be working nicely. Currently running 
tb beta2 (20051006)

Oren Nachman

Paul Tomlin wrote:
> I have a small, if cheeky, request :)
> If anyone out there is using TB 1.5 betas, would you mind terribly 
> trying Quick File 0.15 with it?
> http://quickfile.mozdev.org/downloads.html
> I'm sure it'll just need a maxVersion bump but I've spent the last few 
> days dealing with having to re-install and don't want to start messing 
> things up already [by installing/uninstalling cruft] :)
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