[Project_owners] What screen dump proggy do you use?

Konstantin Svist fry.kun at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 21:35:03 EDT 2005

On 10/12/05, Eric Jung <grimholtz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Wow, I capture 3-4 screenshots *per day*. They either get emailed,
> hosted on imageshack.com, or put in my some document. As they say, a
> picture is worth a thousand words.

LOL, never throught of myself as being more articulate or using more
words than a native english speaker
haha, i kid. everyone has different needs.

By the way, it sounds like you have a great deal of explaining to do.
Ever tried screen capture a la Macromedia Captivate?
(yes i know it must have some free alternatives, I just don't know
what they are)

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