[Project_owners] Re: Recovering from a HD crash

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Wed Oct 12 11:32:44 EDT 2005

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk wrote:

> My hard disk has left me and went straight to metal haven last 
> Thursday and so I lost my command line CVS client file. I can't find 
> the three or four files that I need. I think that I only had a 
> diff.(exe?) login.(exe?) and I'm uncertain about update/commit so now 
> I hope that someone can help me with this problem.
> No, I don't want a 200MB download/install because I only have a 6MB 
> DSL connection, so I only need the above files again. Can you help me?

I can think of three command-line CVS clients:

   1. Cygwin (if you can figure out their setup routine so as to exclude
      the unwanted 200MB)
   2. MSYS (under 3MB but can't be mixed with Cygwin, and needs a patch
      to build 1.8 with crypto)
   3. WinCVS also comes with command-line utilities (at least, 1.1 did).

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