[Project_owners] Dialog/Window resizing

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 15:04:13 EDT 2005

Paul Tomlin wrote:

> Is there any particular reason why/if the binding XML should be part 
> of the skin?

If you're trying to change the appearance for a particular theme, then 
the xml and css all goes in the skin.

But to change the behaviour as you're doing here, you would put the xml 
in content, and the css for the -moz-binding rule. However any style 
tweaks you still need belong in skin.

Note that in your case you might be better off applying the binding to 
the dialog-button-box class, something like this:
<content align="end">
  <xul:hbox flex="1">
  <xul:resizer dir="bottomright"/>

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