[Project_owners] Specifying keyboard shortcuts

Pekka Sillanpää p.sillanpaa at hut.fi
Mon Oct 10 10:19:35 EDT 2005

Hi Paul,

If you like, you can use the keyinputbox XBL element that Paul Stone 
developed (as far as I know) for my Hit-a-Hint extension.
The idea is pretty similar to KDE shortcut definition. At the moment, 
there is a separate keyinputbox for each action, but a better approach
might be to have just keyinputbox and a list like you suggested above.


I volunteered to implement a common Mozilla keyboard shortcut 
infrastructure in the Google summer of code, but they were not interested :)
I think it would be nice, if we had just one this kind of list in 
Mozilla, shared by Mozilla and all extensions. We would need a new event 
type (or two)
to advance onkeypress and onkeydown/up events. This way we would just 
need to define shortcut labels to listen, and assign these labels to 
particular physical user-defined shortcuts. Anyone have ideas for this?


Paul Tomlin wrote:

> Not sure if the attached GIF will get through, but I have a tab on the 
> QF options dialog that's intended to allow the user to specify various 
> shortcuts used.
> The sort of layout I have right now was fine when there was only one 
> shortcut, but now it's looking a bit extreme and I was wondering if 
> anyone had any other methods of doing this that might look a bit 
> easier to understand.
> The 3 groups are for the 3 modes that QF uses. It can move a message 
> to a folder, copy it to a folder and navigate to a folder. There's 
> also likely to be more (instant file to a default folder for example).

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