[Project_owners] workaround for installing .xpi everytime!!

raj p r gooddevil at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 18:34:07 EDT 2005


The problem is with packaging and installing the xpi each time you make a
In the chrome directory you extract all the jar files and change the
corresponding entries in installed-chrome.txt. If you are creating a new
extension create a new directory for it and add an entry in
installed-chrome.txt etc etc.... If all the process is followed properly you
have to just change ur files and restart your browser to see the changes.
This whole procedure needs to be explained properly somewhere and given a
neat walkthrough. We were able to do it once following that tinderbox-status
tutorial but its very vague and I dont know if it was luck or something that
we did it once and are not able to reproduce that again.
It would be very helpful to all extension developers if someone who knows
how to do this properly write a very extensive walkthrough for this.
Or even better if someone could write a script or so, which does this whole
environment setting up thing for us. Very much appreciated....

Hoping for positive responses....

Ganaraj P R
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