[Project_owners] Fwd: Q: explicitOriginalTarget.defaultView.document in FF 1.5

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 23:07:36 EST 2005


In FF 1.0, I was able to directly access javascript properties of the
document shown in the appcontent window using
event.explicitOriginalTarget.defaultView.document from inside a
DOMContentLoaded callback.

In FF 1.5, this seems to be the case no longer; or the
DOMContentLoaded callback is invoked differently. For instance, when
trying to access document.gs via
event.explicitOriginalTarget.defaultView.document.gs on the Google
result page I get a "no such property" exception, whereas the same
code works in FF 1.0.

Did anyone on this list encounter anything similar while transitioning to 1.5?


 - Godmar

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