[Project_owners] Spam to MozDev mailing lists

Michael J Gruber fastmail at michaeljgruber.fm
Fri Nov 25 16:26:16 EST 2005

Paul Tomlin venit, vidit, dixit 10/21/05 21:37:

> Then again I've never really had much of a problem with spam, my grief
> here is about junk I have to _work_ at to remove. If only the mailman
> admin page would require both a username AND a password then Firefox
> would auto-complete the form and I'd not have to go hunting for that
> mail from new-projects@ so I can login and remove them. Yes I can just
> reply but equally I need to find the password.
> There HAS to be an extension people would love in this itch somewhere :)

There is - Platypus! Your hint got me in the right direction. I got
Platypus to insert a "username" input field in the admin page form, and
voila - FF offers to save the (bogus) username and the password! One
could boil this down to a Greasemonkey script without Platypus
functions, of course.


switch the part to the left and right of the at sign to get my address:
y at x.z instead of x at y.z

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