[Project_owners] maxVersion for mozilla suite

Michael J Gruber fastmail at michaeljgruber.fm
Fri Nov 11 15:28:19 EST 2005

Chris Neale venit, vidit, dixit 11/10/05 18:33:
> On Wednesday 09 November 2005 16:21, Michael J Gruber wrote:
>>Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find it on devmo or anywhere else:
>>What is the current allowed value for maxVersion for the Mozilla suite?
>>addons used to accept a maxVersion of 1.8 (many extension have that, so
>>have mine), but when I try to re-upload a new version of my extension
>>(with only the Thunderbird maxVersion changed) addons refuses to accept
>>this, saying 1.8 is an invalid maxVersion for the suite. I know I could
>>bump the version through the interface, but I don't consider this
>>concept a good idea (effectively distributing different xpi's under the
>>same version number).
> Mozilla Suite doesn't use the Extension Manager, so the numbers have little 
> relevance - they're only used in install.rdf for a.m.o

Sure, that's exactly what I was talking about - AMO's use of
install.rdf. Meanwhile the AMO scripts were changed to accept 1.8 for
the suite. Other glitches remains, see my post on wrong version numbers...


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