[Project_owners] Locks removed

Gerald Vogt vogt at spamcop.net
Wed Nov 9 12:55:25 EST 2005

Gerald Vogt wrote:
> It seems as if there is a problem when it takes longer. I have some 
> quite large xpis in the downloads...

That seems to be the problem. I have checked in all the xpis one by one 
starting with the smallest. The last I got in was one with almost 
1.91MB. The next one was 4.71MB and it failed again with "Terminated 
with fatal signal 11" and now the lock is back again....

As the cvs update seems to have the same problem (well the signal, not 
the lock), you may try to check out the project "moji" and see if you 
get through the downloads directory. At least my last attempt to update 
the directory failed again with the same message...

Anyway, how do I get my 2 missing, updated XPIs checked in??


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