[Project_owners] Re: core dump - locks need cleaning up...

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 19:53:08 EST 2005

I was told earlier today that a cron job has been set up now to monitor
for locks.  They aren't automatically deleted, because we want to
investigate why they are there.  We are now being notified whenever a
lock shows up though, so this will hopefully be resolved sooner than
before.  If this isn't resolved in the morning (I'm on the east coast
and getting ready for bed) email me directly and I'll look into it.


> Well, finally it worked again. I started my checkins. This time one
> by 
> one. However, just with the second checkin of my 6MB binary
> dictionary 
> xpi, I got a "Terminated with fatal signal 11". Well, I am back to: 
> "waiting for cvs's lock in /cvs/moji/downloads".
> Gerald

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