[Project_owners] Re: core dump - locks need cleaning up...

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 06:32:29 EST 2005


I'll pass your suggestion about a cron job along to our system
administrator.  There may be a good reason why this hasn't been
implemented or maybe they hadn't considered this before.

As far as the services we provide, we do the best we can with the
resources we have and mozdev has only a limited amount of money and
volunteers.  Like all open source projects, if you would like to help
improve things you are welcome to contribute.


> Well, mine is still not working. I really have to think about 
> alternatives to mozdev. I cannot believe that there actually does not
> seem to be some cronjob that cleans up left behind locks. It just
> takes 
> a pretty simple UNIX find command to remove all locks that are older 
> than let's say an hour. I doubt that checkins should ever take longer
> than an hour so you could run the cron every hour and get everything 
> accessible just after an hour. ;-)
> But, well, an hour has long passed.
> Gerald
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