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Gerald Vogt vogt at spamcop.net
Mon Nov 7 12:38:48 EST 2005

Sudhakar Chandra wrote:
> For Firefox, for some reason, they do not allow me to upload if I set
> maxVersion to 1.5. I need to set it at 1.6 for them to allow me to upload.
> In the case of Mozilla, no maxVersion I chose seems to work. What
> maxVersion should I be using for Mozilla 1.8b1?

amo does not allow you to upload extensions for application versions 
that have not yet been released. This is to prevent people from 
submitting extensions for future releases. While the basic idea is 
right, the logic how it is handled with minVersion and maxVersion is 
flawed as you have noticed because amo allows extensions for FF 1.6a1 
aka 1.6. As FF 1.5rc1 is out and reports as 1.5 it should work, but 
unfortunately is does not, yet.

What you can do is submit the package with 1.4.1 as maxVersion which is 
FF 1.5b2 I think. You can change the maxVersion of a package later on 
the website. They offer 1.5 there, now, but I am not sure what you have 
to specify in the install.rdf to get it. The HTML source code of the web 
page shows a tag of "1.5*". Maybe that does work. If not, you probably 
have to go with 1.4.1. (probably the reviewer will complain then that 
you are not using the most current firefox version... ;-).

I don't know about the Mozilla versioning, though.


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