[Project_owners] path from FF 1.0+ to 1.5

"Jürgen R. Plasser" plasser at liwest.at
Sat Nov 5 14:15:01 EST 2005

Hi all,

I haven't been very active in regard to my Firefox extensions lately, 
but with the aproach of Firefox 1.5 I must prepare them for this new 

Is there any step-by-step how-to to accomplish that task? The install 
process is broken, my extension doesn't install on 1.5RC1 with the 
following error: "No chrome package registered for ...". What has been 
changed in 1.5RC1 with the chrome registering?

Since I am not up-to-date with Firefox and xul development at all, maybe 
one of you has simply done the job and can help me (by giving me a short 
description or any helpful web resources)?

I have found 
http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/XUL_Changes_for_Firefox_1.5, but it 
did not help me (though it's very interesting to see what's new).



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