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Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Tue May 31 12:54:07 EDT 2005

Todd Ross wrote:

> Now, Myk mentioned http://developer-test.mozilla.org/ is being used to 
> address this problem, but from what little I've seen, developer-test 
> is a replacement for the now-dead Netscape DevEdge.  In other words, 
> it's not Platform documentation; it's more like IBM's DeveloperWorks, 
> which is useful, but not the type of documentation that I think needs 
> to be available for Mozilla to be a viable Platform.

Devmo only looks like Devedge now because most of its initial content 
came from there.  It aims to become much more 
and contains an embryonic (i.e. mostly empty) Mozilla as a Platform 
<http://developer-test.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla_as_a_Platform> section.

> I will also throw out the amazing http://www.xulplanet.com/ website as 
> a good beginning source of documentation.  But, it's one person 
> maintaining the whole thing right now with very little community 
> involvement.  The forums are virtually dead, comments on the various 
> tutorial pages/reference pages seem few and far between.  I feel that 
> it's a PHP-like documentation site that just hasn't achieved critical 
> mass which doesn't make it as useful as it could be.

Indeed.  Note that community development 
<http://developer-test.mozilla.org/docs/Devmo:Community> is one of 
Devmo's foci.

> With XULRunner on the horizon, Mozilla the Platform might be just 
> around the corner.  I don't know because I can't find a decent 
> roadmap, or even exactly what XULRunner is supposed to be providing 
> us.  I get the sense that the immediate goal is to get XULRunner ready 
> for Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird, but that's not going to lead to 
> a very well thought out Platform by itself.

No, but it's a good way to bootstrap the platform, since it demonstrates 
the technology to potential adopters in a way that presentations can't.  
I don't know of a XULRunner roadmap either, but a version of XULRunner 
is part of a triumvirate of applications scheduled for release within 
the next couple of months 
<http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/asa/archives/007915.html>, and XULRunner 
has a to do list 
<http://wiki.mozilla.org/XUL:Xul_Runner#What_needs_to_be_done.3F> and 
bug list 

Note also Brendan's blog post about Mozilla 2.0 platform must-haves 


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