[Project_owners] Tricky XUL Template question

Christian Boulanger info at bibliograph.org
Tue May 31 16:22:55 EDT 2005

> Christian Boulanger (Bibliograph Development) wrote:
>> - point the grid ref to resource
>> "urn:bibliograph:reference#5fec10056b800d12a6f06603912b8a11"
>> - take the resource's
>> "http://www.bibliograph.org/rdf/bibliograph#type" property, which is
>> resource "urn:bibliograph:formats:bibtex#article"
>> - iterate over resource "urn:bibliograph:formats:bibtex#article" 's
>> child resources
>> - use child resource's "http://www.bibliograph.org/rdf/field#name"
>> property as variable ?name to grab the corresponding
>> "http://www.bibliograph.org/rdf/bibtex#?name" property of the
>> "urn:bibliograph:reference#5fec10056b800d12a6f06603912b8a11" resource
>> (note that the predicate should depend on the variable).
>> - The point is to list all the fields of
>> "urn:bibliograph:formats:bibtex#article" and display the corresponding
>> data of "urn:bibliograph:reference#5fec10056b800d12a6f06603912b8a11"
>> Is this possible? If yes, what is wrong with the following code

> - the <template> must be a direct child of the element with the
> datasources attribute

Ok, thanks.

> - you can't use variable replacement in a predicate

I understand. I wonder how else I can implement the logic described above.
What I want to do doesn't seem feasable with templates. Maybe I should use
javascript to query the RDF and to dynamically create XUL DOM nodes

Thanks a lot,


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