[Project_owners] Tricky XUL Template question

Christian Boulanger info at bibliograph.org
Tue May 31 13:08:41 EDT 2005

Hi Neil,

thanks for your note. The RDF is produced by the RDFAPI-PHP library


and the generator always serializes rdf:Seq with _N instead of <li>. It
works for the tree widget, though, that's why I never cared.

I am very new to RDF anyways and my head is spinning - combined with the
template syntax this is REALLY complex.



> Christian Boulanger (Bibliograph Development) wrote:
>> <rdf:Seq rdf:about="urn:bibliograph:formats:bibtex#root">
>>   <rdf:_1 rdf:resource="urn:bibliograph:formats:bibtex#article"/>
>> </rdf:Seq>
> Probably irrelevant, but I wonder why you're getting explicit _N arcs
> instead of rdf:li - or did you write this yourself?
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