[Project_owners] key sets, eh?

Michael Johnston special.michael at gmail.com
Mon May 30 00:46:10 EDT 2005


i'm having keyset issues (again)


 <keyset id="mainKeyset">
	<key id="key_one key="S" modifiers="control shift" oncommand="alert();"/>
	<key id="key_two" key="Z" modifiers="control shift" oncommand="alert();"/>
	<key id="key_space" keycode="VK_SPACE" modifiers="control shift"

in firefox. 

if focus is on the web page 
 - ctrl-shift-s works
 - ctrl-shift-z works
 - ctrl-shift-space does nothing

if focus is on a text field (eg search box on google)
 - ctrl-shift-s works
 - ctrl-shift-z does nothing.
 - ctrl-shift-space does nothing

is ther ny documentation on keysets?
does ctrl-shift-z  not work in the second instance due to some sort of conflict?
why can't i get ctrl-shift space to work?

essentially i want ctrl-space to launch a popmenu, but i've had
problems with both popups and keysets, so baby steps.

help is much appreciated.


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