[Project_owners] Getting to know you...

Lukas 'Canada' Matthews gryphonvere at gmail.com
Wed May 25 00:58:59 EDT 2005


I thought I'd step in and say something, just 'cause this is something
I actually know about... =P


project: DDOC (Daily Dose of Comics) -- site [in its bare bones]
exists, no code has been written yet, have collected info on storage
methods of various comics both webcomics and traditional syndicated
ones that are displayed online.

job: Student-on-year-long-break (ie: gap year - in between high school
and university)

Have been sort of lurking on [Project_owners], as have only recently
begun learning Java, and so sooner or later will actually start trying
to write extension to display a customized collection of comics. 
That's when the requests will likely start... =P

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