[Project_owners] Generic Application Skeletton

Christian Boulanger (Bibliograph Development) info at bibliograph.org
Sat May 14 16:18:51 EDT 2005

Hello all,

We want to build a Mozilla application with a tree on the left pane and 
the data displayed as a result of clicking on the tree nodes in the 
right pane - similarly to the thunderbird setup. Although we want to 
learn the whole business of building a Mozilla application from the 
ground up, it would be enormously helpful to have a sample application 
with these features from which we can learn. Especially useful would be 
to have a tree implementation with the basic "Add folder", "Delete 
Folder", "Rename Folder" etc. and drag & drop functionalities already 
present. We are still struggling with how to represent & manipulate tree 
structures in RDF and so any help by way of example would be very 
helpful. We know that there are many such implementations in the various 
extensions, but they are already quite complex - we would like to start 
with very lean code which we can understand - some kind of sample 
skeletton application.

Any suggestion / code will be very much appreciated.




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