[Project_owners] Updating extension problem

Matthew Wilson matthew at mjwilson.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 28 18:56:31 EST 2005

Firefox sometimes caches old versions of the file. Try loading the RDF 
file in your main browser window and reload until you get the correct 
version. Then try the update again. If that fails then clear your cache, 
restart and retry.


Roman Mironenko wrote:
> Hmm, strange, I just fixed the reference it still gives out the same error.
> I will have to spend more time on this.
> Thanks.
>> Roman Mironenko wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I wonder if anyone here has experienced the following:
>>> I have my extension on http://www.devlib.org/mozdev/russkey/
>>> and it is allright, if you don't have the earlier version the 
>>> extension can be installed from there and works fine.  However when I 
>>> tested the update functionality on my setup (FireFox 1.0.2) on win2k, 
>>> and on winXP with this update RDF file: 
>>> http://russkey.mozdev.org/russkeyupdate.rdf , I get the following 
>>> error: "Firefox encountered problems when updating your software, and 
>>> as a result not all components could be upgraded"  Details: "Russ Key 
>>> 0.2 (Not a valid install package.)"
>>> Now, when I test with this: 
>>> http://russkey.mozdev.org/testrusskeyupdate.rdf RDF file (same file 
>>> but the extension version is 0.2.1) and with the russkey.xpi file 
>>> located on my computer 
>>> (<em:updateLink>file:///D:/development/cvs/russkey/downloads/russkey.xpi</em:updateLink>) 
>>> the extension updates just fine without any errors!
>>> Well, I am confused.
>> http://russkey.mozdev.org/russkeyupdate.rdf points to 
>> http://downloads.mozdev.org/autocopy/russkey.xpi (in its 
>> em:updateLink), which does not exist. Presumably you mean 
>> downloads.mozdev.org/russkey/russkey.xpi.
>> Matthew
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