[Project_owners] Extension Debuggin

Roman Mironenko roman_mir at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 16:13:50 EST 2005

Michael, well some people don't want to use Eclipse.  If they do, they don't 
have to install ant seperately, you are right, and if they don't want to use 
java environment at all they can use the seperate zip tool, that's all I 
meant there, and I don't want to invoke ant on every change of the source 
file, only when I am ready to update the browser.

>Roman Mironenko schrieb:
> > Thanks, I will add that to the page, but since I use these tools and my
> > build.xml is ready, that will be the suggested environment.
> > Roman
>I'm really wondering why you suggest to install Ant and a zip tool. If
>you use Eclipse (as noted in a sentence on that page) you have all that
>already included. With Eclipse I made a simple 10 lines build.xml file,
>that is invoked in the background on every change of a source file of my
>extension and does the complete packaging (and optionally installation
>and invokation of browser) without any manual interaction.
>For me that seams easier and more comfortable than your external Ant
>Ciao, Michael.
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