[Project_owners] RE: [Needlesearch] missing toolbar

Carlos Retamales carlosretamales at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 19:27:08 EST 2005

What's language and OS systems you are using?
I'm from Brazil - Sao Paulo and  my problems is the same . 

You can talk to  me in carlosretamales at hotmail.com 

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 20:32:59 +0100, Eelco van Kuik
<needlesearch at vankuik.com> wrote:
> Hi Conrad,
> > I noticed this change in functionality... In previous
> > versions, I had to turn on this show option in the menu, and
> > then ctrl-F9 would toggle the display of the toolbar. If the
> > show option was turned off, ctrl-F9 would do nothing.
> Yep. This was due to Mozilla (where it worked better) and Firefox. It's not
> easy to support two browsers
> sometimes.
> > Now, with 2.7.1, ctrl-F9 appears to toggle the show/hide
> > option in the menu. i.e. I can turn on the option, press
> > ctrl-F9, and then check the option in the menu and it will be
> > turned off. If I leave it off and press ctrl-F9 again, then
> > check the menu option, it will be turned on. But all this
> > time, I don't get a toolbar!
> Huh? That's strange.
> > Is there any kind of debugging I can do to figure out what's wrong?
> What's your OS? And do you get any error messages in the Javascript Console?
> (make sure they are only related to needlesearch)
> Do you have a different browser language?
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