[Project_owners] RE: [Needlesearch] missing toolbar

Eelco van Kuik needlesearch at vankuik.com
Sun Mar 20 20:32:59 EST 2005

Hi Conrad,

> I noticed this change in functionality... In previous 
> versions, I had to turn on this show option in the menu, and 
> then ctrl-F9 would toggle the display of the toolbar. If the 
> show option was turned off, ctrl-F9 would do nothing.

Yep. This was due to Mozilla (where it worked better) and Firefox. It's not
easy to support two browsers
> Now, with 2.7.1, ctrl-F9 appears to toggle the show/hide 
> option in the menu. i.e. I can turn on the option, press 
> ctrl-F9, and then check the option in the menu and it will be 
> turned off. If I leave it off and press ctrl-F9 again, then 
> check the menu option, it will be turned on. But all this 
> time, I don't get a toolbar! 

Huh? That's strange. 
> Is there any kind of debugging I can do to figure out what's wrong?

What's your OS? And do you get any error messages in the Javascript Console?
(make sure they are only related to needlesearch)
Do you have a different browser language?

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