[Project_owners] Extension Debuggin

Roman Mironenko roman_mir at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 18 16:55:38 EST 2005

Hello everyone.  I am working on my first extension (I am testing it in 
FireFox but eventually I would like to make sure it also runs in the Mozilla 
browser too.)

My question is this: how do you guys test your extensions?  I got myself the 
JavaScript Debugger (Venkman) and that is good.  But what about XULs?  
Currently I test my extension by installing it and then making some changes, 
rebuilding, reinstalling it.  This is a serious impediment to my 
productivity here.  Even Javascript became impossible to test by itself, 
once I started adding lines like this:

var russkeyPrefs = 

Any suggestions to ease my suffering?

Thank you.

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