[Project_owners] Newbie: CVS commit of xpi files

Fahd Arshad fahd.arshad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 17:28:21 EST 2005

I seem to be missing something here. I just did a commit of some
updated code and the xpi installer. The code shows up fine via the web
CVS interface. The installer is not visible in the downloads
directory. If I click on the CVS web interface link to the recently
committed installer, I get:

Error: Access forbidden. This file is mentioned in @ForbiddenFiles

Also, if I go to downloads.mozdev.org/privacyfox/, where my installer
is supposed to show up if I put it in the downloads directory (am I
right?), the installer sitting there is the previous version.

What obvious info am I missing about this whole setup?

Sorry for the newbie question...


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