[Project_owners] Death of Seamonkey

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Thu Mar 10 12:11:47 EST 2005

John Dobbins schrieb:
> An example of what I'm talking about with being familar to a IE user 
> would be using a star icon for accessing bookmarks instead of a bookmark 
> icon. [...]  The same goes for the name, changing it to "favorites"
> wouldn't affect it's functionality, but it would make it more familar to 
> someone transitioning from IE.

I would never ever in the world use a browser that renames the 
always-so-called Bookmarks feature into the ugliest-ever-and-useless 
worded "Favorite" name and/or use the completely unfitting star icon for 
that. We do NOT EVER import such shitty Microsoft crap ideas (they might 
even have a patent on such trash).

I'm all for using a more modern icon theme and making the default theme 
better fit into the OS style though. Not really copying FF or IE, but 
simply blending in with the whole OS design better (the NS4 icons we 
currently use are actually the opposite of that, same goeas for the 
otherwise slick-looking modern theme though).

Additionally, people transitioning from IE are not and will never be the 
primary target audience for SeaMonkey. That place is already taken by 
Firfox, and we don't want to take it away ffrom them. After the 
transition issues are fixed and a new team is in place, I'm sure we will 
set up a project agenda/roadmap, and I'll recommend very strongly that 
we include some definition of a target audience there. I have some raw 
thoughts about that in mind, but I want to go for a discussion in the 
new development team before making too much noise about it.

Robert Kaiser

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