[Project_owners] Death of Seamonkey

John Dobbins john at brandxcomputers.com
Wed Mar 9 11:21:16 EST 2005

Jeremy Caris wrote:

> John Dobbins wrote:
>> IMHO Seamonkey's greatest weakness is it ships with a butt ugly UI 
>> that turns off potential users, and this is FF and TB's greatest 
>> advantage over it in gaining users who aren't familar with Mozilla 
>> based browsers.
>> John Dobbins
> That is EXACTLY right. Out-of-the-box appearance is _everything_ when 
> dealing with the general non-techie user.
> Jeremy Caris

Let me amplify on this,

The Classic theme has the strength of using native colors and widgets, 
and the FF and TB themes are based on Seamonkey's classic theme. The 
differance is they don't have the Netscape 4.x based Icon set. That part 
of the Classic theme is the problem.with Seamonkey.

The 4.x icons look out of date to someone who is familar with Windows 
XP, KDE with Crystal, or Mac OSX. FB and TB's icons look more up to 
date, and this creates an impression that they are new state of the art 
applications while Seamonkey is 1990s software.

There are a lot of former "Nutscrape Crash-a-rator" users out there who 
wouldn't touch anything that looked like it with a ten foot pole, and 
it's hard to talk these people into even trying Seamonkey once they see 
those old icons. Moving from Netscape 4.x to newer versions of IE was a 
major improvement to these people and they view Seamonkey as going back 
to that old crash prone browser, and won't even try it.

John Dobbins

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