[Project_owners] Death of Seamonkey

John Dobbins john at brandxcomputers.com
Wed Mar 9 10:34:41 EST 2005

Irongut at vodafone.net wrote:

>I disagree with the common view that SeaMonkey is too complicated for non-techies. My girlfriend uses it regularly with no problems once she'd figured out things like what tabbed browsing is and the benefits of it. She's about as non-techie as you get without going as far as my mum (who is the mythical granny). Admitedly she doesn't have to set it up and the Prefs dialogs are arcane.
The reactions that I have seen from non-techies don't have anything to 
do with Seamonkey being too complex. Most of the time the first reaction 
when they see it boot up is negative, and this is before they even try 
it. The Classic theme was probelly a good idea in 1999 for Netscape when 
it was planning on getting it's users moving from 4.x, but in 2005 it is 
horrible for the default theme.

It looks out of date. People who dumped Netscape 4.x because it was 
inferior to IE 5.0 and above are even more turned off by the dated UI 
than peopel who have allways used IE. It looks as out of date as Windows 
3.0. The modern theme isn't much of an improvement, it dosen't fit in, 
it looks unfamilar and people associate unfamilar with hard to use.

 From what I have seen people have a better first impresion of Firefox 
than Seamonkey, and this is entirely due to visual appeal. You only get 
one chance to make a first impresion, and Seamonkey falls flat on it's 
face in this area.

If you had never seen Seamonkey or Firefox and saw screen shots of each 
side by side, which would you download? The one that looks state of art, 
or the one that looks like it's 8 years old?

IMHO Seamonkey's greatest weakness is it ships with a butt ugly UI that 
turns off potential users, and this is FF and TB's greatest advantage 
over it in gaining users who aren't familar with Mozilla based browsers.

John Dobbins

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