[Project_owners] Two Mozilla questions (how to get the size of a document and about onload eventlisteners)

Håvar Henriksen havar at henriksen.nu
Tue Mar 8 00:46:41 EST 2005

I have two Mozilla Firefox/Gecko releated questions.
1. How do I get the filesize of the current loaded document? (I can't 
use the filesize reported in the page info dialog, because if the 
document is gzip content encoded it will show that size, rather than the 
uncompressed size of the document. I actually need both sizes)

2. I have a load, select and unload code for checking when a page is 
loaded/unloaded or when a tab is selected.
The code looks like this:
    gBrowser.addEventListener("load", headerinfoWatcher.updateStatus, true);
    gBrowser.addEventListener("select", headerinfoWatcher.updateStatus, 
    gBrowser.addEventListener("unload", headerinfoWatcher.resetStatus, 

In the load/unload codepart, how could I check if the page is 
loaded/unloaded in the background or not? Because the extension I'm 
working on is showing some icons in the statusbar with information from 
the current document, and I only want to do that with documents in the 
foreground, not the ones in the background.
doron on #mozilla said that I should use a webProgressListener instead 
of a eventListener, but I'm not sure how to do that.

Håvar I. Henriksen
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