[Project_owners] CVS activity measurement updated

Daniel Fournier zdev at noos.fr
Tue Mar 1 07:15:05 EST 2005

Eric Jung wrote:

>- Projects always start in the first phase
>- Projects remaining in the first phase more than x days are deleted
>- Projects remaining in pre-alpha and alpha phase more than x days
>are automatically re-classified to the inactive phase.
>- Projects can remain in beta, production, mature, and inactive
>phases indefinitely
That makes sense. Sourceforge project development management is a nice 
model and it would not be very difficult to adapt it to Mozdev. Just 
give project owners a form to decide in which phase they want to be 
reported and move or remove periodically the projects according to this 

>I foresee a day when my
>extension is complete -- no longer under development -- and would not
>want to see it marked/labeled as inactive or moved to an archive.
I know what you mean, seing all of my projects at Mozdev -- which I 
consider in mature phase since I'm using them every day -- in the 
"cleaning" list. Yet I understand very well how difficult it is to 
manage such a bundle of developers.


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