[Project_owners] mozilla/seamonkey and toolbar buttons

Eric Jung grimholtz at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 08:18:59 EDT 2005

Hi Michael,
Still no luck, but lots of clues. This is the last bug before the
extension is fully compatible with SeaMonkey (yay!). Here's more
info. Can you help?

-Here's how the toolbar button appears (look for red circle):

-If I navigate to chrome://skin/classic/passwdmaker/passwdmaker.png
or chrome://passwdmaker/skin/passwdmaker.png, I get invalid URL.
Which one should I be checking (the first or the second?) There are
no other images I can check, unfortunately.

-I have /skin/classic/passwdmaker/contents.rdf, but it was missing:

<RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:passwdmaker"

I don't know if that matters, but now the file is exactly as you

<RDF:RDF xmlns:RDF="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"

  <RDF:Seq about="urn:mozilla:skin:root">
    <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0" />

  <RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0">
      <RDF:Seq about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:packages">
        <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:passwdmaker"

   <RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:passwdmaker"


Any other ideas?

Thank you very much.

Eric Jung

--- Michael Vincent van Rantwijk <mv_van_rantwijk at SPAMFREEyahoo.com>

> Eric Jung wrote:
> > Michael/anyone else,
> > Could you tell me if I'm using the correct path? The toolbar
> image
> > still doesn't appear.
> > image="chrome://passwdmaker/skin/passwdmaker.png"
> > where the .png's path inside the jar is:
> > chrome/passwdmaker.jar/skin/classic/passwdmaker/passwdmaker.png
> yes   /skin/classic/passwdmaker/passwdmaker.png   is ok.
> Do you have other images/files in this directory? Can they be
> displayed 
> with the same path without errors?
> BTW: you must have a /skin/classic/passwdmaker/contents.rdf
> The file content should be something like this:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <RDF:RDF xmlns:RDF="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"
>           xmlns:chrome="http://www.mozilla.org/rdf/chrome#">
>    <RDF:Seq about="urn:mozilla:skin:root">
>      <RDF:li resource="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0"/>
>    </RDF:Seq>
>    <RDF:Description about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0">
>      <chrome:packages>
>        <RDF:Seq about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:packages">
>          <RDF:li
> resource="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:passwdmaker"/>
>        </RDF:Seq>
>      </chrome:packages>
>    </RDF:Description>
>    <RDF:Description
> about="urn:mozilla:skin:classic/1.0:passwdmaker"
>      chrome:skinVersion="1.5"/>
> </RDF:RDF>
> Michael
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