[Project_owners] mozilla/seamonkey and toolbar buttons

Eric Jung grimholtz at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 21 14:39:53 EDT 2005

I've added a toolbar button to the Mozilla navbar like so:

<hbox id="nav-bar-buttons">
  <toolbarbutton id="pwdmaker-btn" tooltiptext="Open PasswordMaker"
    oncommand="passwordMaker.open();" persist="hidden"

But I have two problems:

1. the image doesn't appear
2. when I right-click on the navbar, there's no open to hide the

I'm looking through MultiZilla to see how it does achieves both of
these, but not having much luck. I'm vaguely aware it's overlaying a
menupopup to show/hide the button, but got no idea how it gets its
image displayed...

Anyone have suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
Eric Jung

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