[Project_owners] mozilla/seamonkey overlays

Paul Roub paul at roub.net
Tue Jun 21 12:38:14 EDT 2005

Eric Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of an extension which adds a menu item to the Tools
> menu of Mozilla? I'm trying to find the right xul to use to integrate
> into this menu...

 From IE View (note two version of the menu item, one for Firefox and 
one for Mozilla).  This is within an <overlay /> container, naturally.

   <menupopup id="menu_ToolsPopup">
     <menuitem id="ieview-do-forcepage-menu" 
label="&ieview.popup-ieview-force-page;" oncommand="IeView.forcePage()" 
insertbefore="ieviewSepFF,menu_preferences" />
     <menuseparator  id="ieviewSepFF" insertbefore="menu_preferences" />

   <menupopup id="taskPopup">
     <menuitem id="ieview-do-forcepage-menu-moz" 
label="&ieview.popup-ieview-force-page;" oncommand="IeView.forcePage()" />
     <menuseparator  id="ieviewSepMoz" />

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