[Project_owners] Question - when are boxObject values valid?

Ed Anuff ed at anuff.com
Mon Jun 20 10:13:45 EDT 2005

Does anyone when the values for an element box object are valid?  I have
a XUL document with a number of XBL-based elements in it.  Many of these
set window eventlisters on load and do certain computations based on
boxObject.width and boxObject.height when the event listener is
triggered.  Most of the time this works, however there are a couple of
elements that have an incorrect boxobject width and height at the load
event.  However, if I set a window timeout for 1ms and then check the
boxObject values, they are correct, so somehow the boxObject is being
updated after the load event.

Should I be listening for a different event?  
Is this a known bug (I didn't find anything on bugzilla)?

I haven't been able to distill it down to a simple testcase yet, so I'm
holding off filing a bug.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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