[Project_owners] Event Page Load, Images

Leland M George Leland.M.George at DELETEMEalum.mit.edu
Mon Jun 13 17:31:28 EDT 2005


If you've solved this or lost interest, please let me know.  Otherwise 
we can work on it, if you like.

If so, a couple of preliminary questions: do you have knowledge of 
and/or control over the source of the page in question (as in Web 
development), or do you have to handle whatever page comes your way (as 
in development of a chrome extension)?

Obviously you can disregard these questions if you don't want to work on 
this, but please let me know either way.


Brad Davis wrote:
> Hey guys, 
> This is my first post, so thanks for any help you send my way.  I was
> wondering if anyone could tell me how to get an event when all of the images
> on the page have loaded?  Right now, I am using onload event for the page,
> but at the time the event triggers, the images seem not to be loaded, and so
> document.images.length is 0.  Anyone have a work around or some code to help
> me with this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brad

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