[Project_owners] SeaMonkey XPFE -> toolkit transition

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Tue Jun 14 16:41:35 EDT 2005

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk schrieb:
> The first thing to do is to get that new name for the former Mozilla 
> Suite registered, so that people can start working on this new project 
> in public.

Registering is in progress, the announcement of the name is happening 
very soon now (actually, the missing stuff is just that we have to 
finalize an announcement and a first version of a project web page), so 
don't consider that much of a blocker right now.
It's happening, and it doesn't affect planning for a toolkit transition 
(as that transition is future talk anyways, we won't do much there in 
our 1.0 release cycle).

> Also, what do you mean when you write 'XPFE -> Toolkit" because most 
> people dont't even know what that is. For me toolkit is just toolkit.jar 
> simply because I don't care what Mozilla C code is involved to get this 
> going.

You'll notice that toolkit.jar (and chrome://global*) contains 
completely different files in SeaMonkey and Firefox. SeaMonkey has the 
"old toolkit", dubbed "xpfe", in there, while Firefox (and XULRunner, 
etc.) has the "new toolkit" there (most of the time just being called 
In some cases, the files don't differ much between xpfe and toolkit, in 
some cases there are rather big differences. Mnyromyr tries to find out 
how big the impact on extensions will be when SeaMonkey turns over to 
being bsaed on toolkit rather than xpfe, as I understand it.

Robert Kaiser

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