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raj p r gooddevil at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 00:40:07 EDT 2005

I am still not able to upload anything into mozdev.org <http://mozdev.org>. 
I am not sure what the reason is though. 
In that matter I thought it would be better to enumerate what are the 
actions I performed here and thereby you could help me out with that. 
First of all I am using wincvs. 
In that first of all I go to admin ->command line
in the box given for enter the command line here I enter
(In wincvs the directory is set to c:/)

cvs -d :pserver:*gooddevil*@mozdev.org:/cvs login
cvs -d :pserver:*gooddevil*@mozdev.org:/cvs co adaptivehomepage

At this juncture it asks me to enter my password
when my project was first registered in mozdev they sent me a message which 
contained gooddevil/(a bunck of numbers and alphabets which i am assuming to 
be the password)
So i use this password
and i get these messages

cvs -d :pserver:gooddevil at mozdev.org:/cvs login

***** CVS exited normally with code 0 *****

Logging in to :pserver:gooddevil at mozdev.org:2401<http://pserver:gooddevil@mozdev.org:2401>
cvs -d :pserver:gooddevil at mozdev.org:/cvs co adaptivehomepage

***** CVS exited normally with code 0 *****

cvs checkout: cwd=C:\adaptivehomepage\src ,current=C:\adaptivehomepage\src
cvs checkout: Updating adaptivehomepage
cvs checkout: Updating adaptivehomepage/downloads
U adaptivehomepage/downloads/README.downloads
cvs checkout: Updating adaptivehomepage/src
cvs checkout: Updating adaptivehomepage/www
U adaptivehomepage/www/README.downloads
U adaptivehomepage/www/bugs.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/footer.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/head.txt
U adaptivehomepage/www/hide_from_ns4.css
U adaptivehomepage/www/html_body.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/index.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/installation.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/local.conf
U adaptivehomepage/www/notes.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/project.css
U adaptivehomepage/www/project_nav.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/screenshots.html
U adaptivehomepage/www/source.html
cvs checkout: Updating adaptivehomepage/www/error
U adaptivehomepage/www/error/404.html
cvs checkout: Updating adaptivehomepage/www/protected
U adaptivehomepage/www/protected/edit.html

Now I add adhmpage.xpi to adaptivehomepage/src downloaded into my system. 
Then I browse into that through wincvs and select it and say modify->add 

I get this message for that.

cvs add -- adhmpage.xpi (in directory C:\adaptivehomepage\src\)
cvs [add aborted]: User 'guest' cannot change /cvs/adaptivehomepage/src

***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****

So now could u tell me what the problem is? I am totally perplexed
And one more thing to be noted is there is a folder called protected in the 
web site. when I try to enter it using the username password given it sends 
me an error message stating that the username or password is incorrect.
Being the admin for the site am i not allowed to access this portion? or is 
it like that for all? or am I getting the message because my username and 
password have not been registered? 
Please clarity.

THanx in advance.

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