[Project_owners] addons.mozilla.org new version does not display

Didier Ernotte didier at ernotte.com
Sun Jun 12 21:45:08 EDT 2005

This is what I have understood from their reviewing process.
They need a little delay between the confirmation mail and the update
of the site, but their "update date" has nothing to do with the "email
confirmation date" which has nothing to do with the "approval date".
Your extension can be approved one day and pushed on the server few
days later, and you won't see on the top latest updated extensions
because these are sorted on the "approval date", not on the "server
update date". I have notice that some extensions are approved very
quickly (last friday on the #umo channel, they were wondering if some
authors were not verifying their own extension themself...)


--- Niko Berger <niko.berger at corinis.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am just wondering if anyone else has the problem:
> I put an update to my extension (synckolab) on the addons.mozilla.org
> page (0.4.16), and it got accepted, but it does not display. On the
> page 
> still the old version (0.4.4) is visible. if you click on versions
> you 
> can see the newer version, but not on the entry page.
> Niko
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