[Project_owners] showPopup

Michael Johnston special.michael at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 01:26:36 EDT 2005

ok i've had some success.
I created a xul element. i was able to give this popup="" and then
anchor on that.

kind of works, but the x and y calues if not -1 cause it to display in
the top left of the browser.

had a quick look in bugzilla, only one relating to showPopup, but not
to do with this.

will have a bit more of a look at it if i get time.

thanks for your help, 

On 6/12/05, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk
<mv_van_rantwijk at spamfreeyahoo.com> wrote:
> Michael Johnston wrote:
> > i think my problem is a bit more deeply rooted than that.
> > regardless of my arguments to showPopup() there seems to be no
> > changing where it appears.
> >
> > if I pass static 500,500 (x,y) to it, it will stiill appear in the
> > topleft of the screen.
> >
> > maybe i need a better anchor or something?
> >
> > mike
> I've seen this before, and we worked around it by adding popup="" to our
> element.
> Michael.
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