[Project_owners] Conflicting Event Listeners

Scott Turner srt19170 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 22:07:59 EDT 2005

My extension, platypus.mozdev.org <http://platypus.mozdev.org>, uses a 
"popupshowing" event handler to show only Platypus commands on the context 
menu when Platypus is running. It turns out that this conflicts some times 
with rip.mozdev.org <http://rip.mozdev.org>, another extension that uses a 
"popupshowing" event handler to modify the context menu.

As far as I can tell, there isn't any way to order or coordinate the 
different event handlers, so there's no telling whether Platypus will run 
first when modifying the context menu, or whether RIP will.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to reliably modify the context menu, or 
is this just an inevitable problem with the event model?

-- Scott Turner
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