[Project_owners] SoC, mentoring

Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Wed Jun 8 15:13:40 EDT 2005

Axel Hecht wrote:
> So I received interest in a Solid-project for google's summer of code.
> That leaves me with a bunch of questions:
> I'm not really feeling like handing the complete project out just yet. 
> Is that an issue or not?

I don't think building on top of existing code is disallowed, at least 
it is not explicitly stated:

> Who would be the mentor? Would that end up on my lap? What would mozdev 
> consider to be the deal?
> Does stuff like code review break the "only one guy can work on a 
> project" scheme?

David or I will be the primary mentors, but if an eclipse project is 
chosen you can definitely be actively involved (if you like). Code 
review is I am sure fine.

BTW, if there are students on this list, or you know anybody, that will 
participate, you need to fill out this form:

> PS: newsgroups, please. I'm swinging back and forth wrt dropping 
> project_owners, it has too much noise to read without digest, working 
> off of the digest sucks.

What's the problem? I can read the PO newsgroup fine.

Brian King
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