Eclipse, was [Project_owners] Summer of Code projects

Axel Hecht axel at
Sun Jun 5 19:11:29 EDT 2005

Michael Keppler wrote:

> Axel Hecht schrieb:
>>Michael Keppler wrote:
>>>The "Eclipse plugin development" point is unclear to me. I use Eclipse
>>>with XML (for XUL) and JavaScript plugins and have my extension built
>>>using Ant scripts. So I don't see what other plugins would be necessary
>>>or useful.
>> has some ideas.
> As several people on the list seem to use Eclipse, shouldn't we try to
> make that a really good IDE for extension development? Even if I said
> that the plugins for coding XUL/XML and JS are available, I can see that
>  by providing wizard driven project creation and modification, automatic
> XPI packaging and so on we could eventually lower the barrier for other
> extension developers.
> Axel, would you mind opening your project for other people to join the
> coding and to put the code into a new mozdev project (or Sourceforge, or
> whatever)? I understood the above web page so that your code is
> currently not yet available for others...

Not a problem at all, in fact, I was hoping to get some developers in.

I would like to get the project to some crystallisation point, which I 
can hopefully achieve in the next few days, or say, by end of the week.

I just hooked some Draw2D stuff up on friday. I just don't want to 
embarrasse myself too bad when landing the stuff.


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