Eclipse, was [Project_owners] Summer of Code projects

Michael Keppler Michael.Keppler at
Sun Jun 5 18:09:53 EDT 2005

Axel Hecht schrieb:
> Michael Keppler wrote:
>> The "Eclipse plugin development" point is unclear to me. I use Eclipse
>> with XML (for XUL) and JavaScript plugins and have my extension built
>> using Ant scripts. So I don't see what other plugins would be necessary
>> or useful.
> has some ideas.

As several people on the list seem to use Eclipse, shouldn't we try to
make that a really good IDE for extension development? Even if I said
that the plugins for coding XUL/XML and JS are available, I can see that
 by providing wizard driven project creation and modification, automatic
XPI packaging and so on we could eventually lower the barrier for other
extension developers.

Axel, would you mind opening your project for other people to join the
coding and to put the code into a new mozdev project (or Sourceforge, or
whatever)? I understood the above web page so that your code is
currently not yet available for others...

Ciao, Michael.

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