[Project_owners] Summer of Code projects

Todd Ross mozdev at brainsick.com
Sun Jun 5 08:31:29 EDT 2005

David Murray wrote:
> I had a look and found Torrential, what is the other one?
> I don't know how many people would actually find an integrated BT client 
> useful, but it'd just be such a cool thing to see, just to see if it was 
> possible.

I had begun work on Data Downpour (now on the abandoned projects list). 
  There's some bEncode code out there, but I became disillusioned (lack 
of documentation, rapid changes that broke extensions) about Firefox 
development shortly there after.  I had also screwed up a commit (I was 
brand spanking new to CVS at the time) and I couldn't get any assistance 
from the admins here, so I gave up on mozdev as well.

There's no reason why an integrated BT client wouldn't be a possibility. 
  The only outstanding question that I had was a means of generating an 
SHA1 hash on blocks of data.  A search of LXR for 'SHA1' returned a few 
hits, but nothing that I was able to make sense of (LXR seems to be down 
right now or I'd provide some links.)


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