[Project_owners] Summer of Code projects

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Sun Jun 5 13:39:40 EDT 2005

David Murray wrote:

> I've had nothing but problems using it (version that ships with 
> Mozilla/Fx at the moment doesn't actually seem to work *at all*, updated 
> version still has its fair share of problems). I'd like it to not break 
> horribly when using Unicode characters, not throw exceptions when things 
> don't exist (even if you're using try/catch), have more control over 
> request status (ie. abort etc), have a simplified interface (not having 
> to create objects for everything, you could just throw an array or 
> integer or string at it (why should I have to create nsIArray objects 
> then populate them, instead of just sending a plain old JS array?), and 
> it'd figure out itself the XML code to write, as well as automatically 
> returning a native JavaScript object when pulling stuff out of the 
> responses (not sure what the hell it would return for structs though), 
> put strings inside <![CDATA[]]> tags, and just *work* 100% of the time, 
> instead of ~70% of the time (I've had problems where it dies trying to 
> parse objects from a response saying they don't exist, even though 
> they're clearly there and syntactically correct).
> Anyway that's my bitching done. I've thought about rewriting it all so 
> it'd do that, but at the moment I've backed out all the XML-RPC code in 
> Deepest Sender, so it's hard to get motivated.
> David.

BUGZILLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bitching here is useless crap.

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